Since its inception in year 2000 Equinox Multimedia is firm believer that Due to the fact that internet technology is not evenly distributed around the world and as a result, there is the issue of the digital divide.

Developed countries have the opportunity to access internet technology whereas developing countries do not have information technology facilities which deprive them from development success and knowledge of society and economy.

Countries with awareness of information computer technology are able to obtain advanced education and are able to develop the skills required in order to access present and oncoming technology. If the two types of world citizens were provided with the equal opportunity of access to information computer technology.

There remains the stark disparity between two types of world citizens: one empowered by access to information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve their own livelihood; the other stunted and disenfranchised by the lack of access to ICT that provide critical development opportunities. Indeed, those developing countries which fail to keep up with the accelerating pace of IT innovation may not have the opportunity to participate fully in the information society and economy. This is particularly so where the existing gaps in terms of basic economic and social infrastructures, such as electricity, telecommunications and education, deter the diffusion of IT.

Eliminating the problem of the Digital Divide

If the gap between those with access to computer technology and the skills to function and process it was closed this will be an advantage as it is important when it comes to promoting economic opportunity: as more and more jobs rely on computer skills, the computer illiterate are closed out of more and more economic opportunities.

If developing countries were to be exposed to computer literacy this will; enable them to move further up the downside of the digital divide enabling them to develop their countries more efficiently and become more aware of society. However some argue that the use of the internet

Similarly, some argue that the use of the Internet would lead to a more democratic society as public participation in election and decision making processes increases. If already underrepresented people continue to be unable to participate in such forums, the digital divide will reinforce a socio-economic and socio-political divide. Such factors translate to the lesson that closing (or at least bridging) the digital divide will have huge advantages for both the current digital disadvantaged, as well as for society at large.

Solutions must be considered in order to eliminate the problem of the digital divide. The idea of donating to and working with organizations that promote computer and technology education as well as general literacy and work skills as non profit organisations and charitable causes can support the idea.

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