Associate Partner

INFINNECT SOLUTIONS (P) LTD is Sole Associate Partner of EQUINOX MULTIMEDIA (P) Ltd for its brand EMMCOMM. Born in 2018, INFINNECT is experiencing great momentum and traction in the e-commerce market. With ever-growing opportunities blinking on the horizon of e-commerce and e-tailing sector where success stories are tumbling out every day, INFINNECT has fixed its eyes firmly on the e-commerce ecosystem. A chance, but prized encounter with EMMCOMM gave way to twist in the promising story of INFINNECT’s future. Having been chosen as the sole Associate Partner of EQUINOX MULTIMEDIA (P) LTD, INFINNECT has been adding value to its vision of e-commerce 2.0 and going hand-in-hand for its market survey and pilot version of operations in the difficult markets of UP taking care of all front-end operations for EMMCOMM over a year. While Seller-centric e-Commerce 2.0 is in the offing, INFINNECT is certainly going to be in the forefront, taking the EMMCOMM brand from the cusp of 'front-end' to new heights.